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Using throne

Using throne is very easy! Let's start by going through the base throne command.

throne output
[user@throne ~] throne
Usage: throne [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

Throne is a command line tool to query various things on the internet.

-v, --verbose Enables verbose mode.
--help Show this message and exit.

api Retrieve API keys from the throne API
bgp Retrieve BGP related information.
ip Retrieve IP related information.
pdb Retrieve information from PeeringDB.
shodan Retrieve information from Shodan.
whois Retrieve WHOIS information on domains.


Throne doesn't have very many options availble in the base command. In fact you have 2 availble to you. -v and --help.

Using --help with throne, at any point in time within any of the commands it will provide you details on nested commands, arguments and options of each command. The output will be similar to what is above.

When using -v with throne, you will be telling it to enable verbose mode. Verbose mode essentially enables debugging and shows you everything throne is trying to do/doing when you execute a command.

[user@throne ~]$ throne -v bgp asn 59
[2021-04-22 01:19:47,711] [DEBUG] [] [_new_conn()] Starting new HTTPS connection (1):
[2021-04-22 01:19:48,214] [DEBUG] [] [_make_request()] "GET /data/as-overview/data.json?resource=59 HTTP/1.1" 200 796
[2021-04-22 01:19:48,215] [DEBUG] [] [get_json()] Received HTTP/200 from, loading JSON data...
---Basic ASN Info--
AS#: 59
Announced: True
---AS Block Info---
AS Block: 1-1876
Name: IANA 16-bit Autonomous System (AS) Numbers Registry
Description: Assigned by ARIN
[2021-04-22 01:19:48,217] [DEBUG] [] [_new_conn()] Starting new HTTPS connection (1):
[2021-04-22 01:19:48,515] [DEBUG] [] [_make_request()] "GET /bootstrap/autnum/59 HTTP/1.1" 302 0
[2021-04-22 01:19:48,516] [DEBUG] [] [increment()] Incremented Retry for (url=''): Retry(total=2, connect=None, read=None, redirect=None, status=None)
[2021-04-22 01:19:48,516] [INFO] [] [urlopen()] Redirecting ->
[2021-04-22 01:19:48,517] [DEBUG] [] [_new_conn()] Starting new HTTPS connection (1):
[2021-04-22 01:19:48,670] [DEBUG] [] [_make_request()] "GET /registry/autnum/59 HTTP/1.1" 200 5465
[2021-04-22 01:19:48,671] [DEBUG] [] [get_json()] Received HTTP/200 from, loading JSON data...
[2021-04-22 01:19:48,674] [DEBUG] [] [__init__()] Sending JSON to _RDAPASCommon to prepare parsing...
[2021-04-22 01:19:48,674] [DEBUG] [] [parse()] Setting handle from JSON response...
[2021-04-22 01:19:48,674] [DEBUG] [] [parse()] Trying to parse entity data based upon RIRs format...
[2021-04-22 01:19:48,675] [DEBUG] [] [parse()] ARIN detected as responding RIR...
[2021-04-22 01:19:48,675] [DEBUG] [] [parse()] Parsing ['fn', {}, 'text', 'University of Wisconsin Madison']...
[2021-04-22 01:19:48,675] [DEBUG] [] [parse()] Parsing ['adr', {'label': '1210 W Dayton\nB332\nMadison\nWI\n53706\nUnited States'}, 'text', ['', '', '', '', '', '', '']]...
[2021-04-22 01:19:48,675] [DEBUG] [] [parse()] Parsing ['kind', {}, 'text', 'org']...
[2021-04-22 01:19:48,675] [DEBUG] [] [parse()] Appending all parsed vCardArrays to vars['entities']...
[2021-04-22 01:19:48,675] [DEBUG] [] [parse()] ARIN likes to be special and nest entities, attempting to parse those...
// output ommitted //
---ARIN/AS59 Contact Information---
University of Wisconsin Madison (Registrant):
Entity Address: 1210 W Dayton B332 Madison WI 53706 United States
Entity Phone: None
Entity Email: None
Network Operations (Administrative):
Entity Address: Division of Information Technology 1210 West Dayton Street Madison WI 53706 United States
Entity Phone: +1-608-262-9030
Entity Email: [email protected]
Network Operations Center (Abuse/Technical):
Entity Address: 1210 West Dayton Street B332 Madison WI 53706 United States
Entity Phone: +1-608-263-4188
Entity Email: [email protected]